Worship at Home for Sunday 7th February 2021

A Visit from the President This week the Gloucestershire Circuit was due to receive a visit from the President of the Methodist Conference. Because of the Covid restrictions, a physical visit was not possible and so the President – the Rev’d Richard Teal has sent his sermon in the form of a video included withContinue reading “Worship at Home for Sunday 7th February 2021”

Worship At Home: Advent Sunday

Welcome to our worship at home together on Advent Sunday. Today’s service is provided for the Gloucestershire Circuit, but it continues to follow the themes which began last week for Hucclecote and Lonsdale Road Methodist Churches. We are following the theme ‘Worship in the Waiting’ using resources from Engage Worship. This week for the firstContinue reading “Worship At Home: Advent Sunday”

Worship at Home Sunday 5th July

Welcome to our worship at home this week This week we are pleased to welcome Helen Edwards as our preacher. Helen is a Local Preacher in the Gloucestershire Circuit. Short Reflection on Matthew 11: 28-30  by Local Preacher, Helen Edwards We find ourselves living in very strange times at the moment, don’t we?  Times thatContinue reading “Worship at Home Sunday 5th July”

Worship at Home for Sunday 10th May

Welcome to our Worship at Home Service this morning. There is a service sheet to download and print if you wish to follow the words. Although this time I have included the words of the hymns on screen. I’ve also added a page with some (hopefully) useful hints on watching the video. Reflection for YearContinue reading “Worship at Home for Sunday 10th May”