Worship at Home Sunday 14th February 2021

Today we worship on the Sunday before Lent, which begins this week on Ash Wednesday (don’t forget the pancakes on Tuesday!). Our worship shared with all of our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Gloucestershire Circuit and beyond, is led by Revd Michelle Ireland. First there is a reflection from me on the TransfigurationContinue reading “Worship at Home Sunday 14th February 2021”

Worship at Home for Sunday 7th February 2021

A Visit from the President This week the Gloucestershire Circuit was due to receive a visit from the President of the Methodist Conference. Because of the Covid restrictions, a physical visit was not possible and so the President – the Rev’d Richard Teal has sent his sermon in the form of a video included withContinue reading “Worship at Home for Sunday 7th February 2021”

Candlemas – 2nd February

Today is Candlemas which marks the proper end of Christmas. Here is a good description of a festival which we have not traditionally marked in many Methodist Churches but which we seem to be taking more notice of: Link Here also is my photo of ‘Candlemas Bells’ in our own garden The story which weContinue reading “Candlemas – 2nd February”