Me during my visit to South Korea 2015

I originally started this blog as a place to share thoughts relating to my work as a minister in the UK Methodist Church. It has now become a place in which to share Worship at Home and reflections during the Covid 19 virus pandemic while our church buildings are not able to be fully open.

I am Andrew Biggs, Minister for Lonsdale Road and Hucclecote Methodist Churches in the Gloucestershire Circuit of the UK Methodist Church. You can click the links below to go to the web sites of my churches or the Gloucestershire Circuit.

I am originally from Bristol, UK, about 40 minutes south of here. I grew up and went to school there and then trained to be a teacher. I worked as a primary school teacher until 2006 and then entered the ministry in 2009 after training at Wesley College in Bristol.

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Here are links to the web pages of the two churches of which I currently have pastoral care: 

Hucclecote Methodist Church

If you would like to make a donation to help our work then you can do so here:

Lonsdale Road Methodist Church,

Link to the web page of the Gloucestershire Circuit of which we are part:

Gloucestershire Circuit

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