Worship At Home: Advent Sunday

Welcome to our worship at home together on Advent Sunday.

Today’s service is provided for the Gloucestershire Circuit, but it continues to follow the themes which began last week for Hucclecote and Lonsdale Road Methodist Churches. We are following the theme ‘Worship in the Waiting’ using resources from Engage Worship. This week for the first Sunday of Advent we reflect on Holy Suspense.

Worship at Home Advent Sunday

Hucclecote Advent Calendar and Advent Trail – #Godiswithus

Follow Hucclecote’s Advent Calendar here. Each day a picture will be posted in a window somewhere in Hucclecote and you can go and see if you can spot the them. The location each day will be posted here. Thanks to Nick Butler for the idea and for preparing the poster images.

The Junior Church have also organised and Advent trail. Letters will be displayed in windows (sometimes the same windows as the Advent Calendar) which when collected together will make a phrase.

This is part of our contribution to #Godiswithus the Methodist Church’s Christmas campaign:

“The Methodist Church Christmas campaign for 2020 #GodIsWithUs seeks to share this good news through twenty-four stories of individuals and their experiences of this extraordinary year. Each day of Advent we will share a testimony from somebody connected to the Methodist Church reflecting on what hope has looked like for them this year and how they have experienced God with them.

The individuals whose stories the campaign tells include those who have felt the painful effects of isolation this year, who have experienced extreme poverty, who have struggled with poor mental health, who have lost loved ones – like so many millions of others. But ultimately, incredibly, God’s loving presence radiates from each of them in beams of powerful hope. Hope that is so necessary for such a time as this.

The campaign name, which ties in with our Presidential theme for the year, of course comes from John Wesley’s purported words on his death bed: ‘the best of all is, God is with us’ which reminds us that even in the times which feel most uncertain, we can be certain of God. Who do you know who needs to hear this message over the coming months? ”  

I will post a link to these stories at 10am each day during Advent, along with information about where to find the Advent calendar picture.

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Methodist minister currently serving the Gloucestershire Circuit. Married to Julie. Enjoy reading and playing the guitar badly.

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