Reflection from Lee Abbey

Julie and I visit Lee Abbey from time to time, in fact we are Friends of Lee Abbey. The Abbey has had to close and many of the normally resident community have had to return to their homes during this present crisis.  In this video Rev Gordon Crowther – arrived to be the the new warden of Lee Abbey on the day it had to close. He shares an Easter message that I think is relevant for all of us at this time:

In his message Gordon suggests that this time of stopping doing all those things with which we fill out lives and our church life, might be a great gift from God. In church I am often aware of how many of our people, having been faithful and committed for so many years, are feeling the strain of keeping everything going. Some have even mentioned how this time has felt liberating as they have realised how much of their life is normally taken up by church activity.

So let us accept gracefully this time of enforced ‘stopping’ to reflect and review on the questions as Gordon suggests: What is life?, What is the meaning of what I am doing?

In other words when we think about all that we do – what are the key things that are most important? What are we trying to achieve in terms of God’s mission and how effective are we being? Maybe the lesson we learn from this is that we can achieve more by doing less! Gordon refers to the passage from John 15 where Jesus speaks of the gardener who must prune the vine in order for it to remain fruitful. As he says: “Perhaps this is a time of pruning for greater fruitfulness”.

But we won’t know unless we listen to God and what he has to say. So let us pray during this time, for God to reveal to us those things which are most important to pick up again when this is over, and where we can safely prune for greater fruitfulness.


Published by andrewpbiggs

Methodist minister currently serving the Gloucestershire Circuit. Married to Julie. Enjoy reading and playing the guitar badly.

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