Worship at Home – Easter Sunday


Lonsdale Road He is Risen
Jesus Christ is Risen today! Cross outside Lonsdale Road Methodist Church

A Very Happy Easter to You All

Today we celebrate the risen Christ in our own homes, yet we do so together in community.

Don’t forget to go out and Sing Resurrection at 10am:

Sing Resurrection

And put your colourful crosses in your window or outside today

The service I have included for today has been prepared by the Methodist Church Ministries, Vocations and Worship Team, written by Rev Charity Hamilton, with whom I trained at Wesley College 2007-2009.

Click Here to Open the Worship Sheet

Every morning when we switch on the TV news we are confronted with death, the latest statistics of those who have died from the CoVid 19 Virus. Charity, in her reflection, asks how it is possible for us to live as resurrection, Easter day people in the midst of all this death. She reminds us that Easter is not just a happy celebration but an act of defiance and protest against all that tries to suppress life. She draws on insight gained from her own experience of illness to urge us to “live the life you are gifted”.

She says, “We experience resurrection in a hundred small and powerful ways every day. And it all begins when we commit ourselves to live the life we are gifted as a form of strong resistance to death”. 

This week we have been unable to commemorate the events of Holy Week in Church in the ways that we normally do. We have been forced to find other ways in which we can worship together, commemorate the events of Holy Week and Celebrate Resurrection on Easter Sunday. In other ways we have needed to think carefully about how we communicate, how we relate, how we do many other things that normally we just take for granted.

Perhaps one aspect of resistance to death, living the life we are gifted, is to recognise that  some of the things we have had to do in different ways over the last few weeks have actually been change for the better, perhaps because it has made us think more deeply about what is the most important aspects of them. Perhaps, because of this, when this is all over. we may recognise areas of weakness in our normal set up that we should try to fix and we should not simply slip back into the old routines but see where new and creative ideas might inform how we do things in the future. Something to reflect upon in coming days.

What is Easter?

Earlier in the week  I suggested that one way we could celebrate Easter together is to place a colourful cross in our window or build an Easter garden. I hope that if you have dome this, you can send me pictures that I can post later this week. You can do this by emailing them to me or by posting them on the Facebook pages for Lonsdale Road or Hucclecote Methodist Churches.

Various voices of Ministers in The Methodist Circuit of Gloucestershire tell of what Easter is for them:

Phil Summers tells the story of the resurrection from Matthew 28:1-10

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